Getting a Web Page

These pages exist because there are a substancial number of users that would like to hook their LED signs up to a computer and do more than just send it static messages.

However, obtaining the protocol to a sign can be pretty much a nightmare for the casual developer. There's no good reason this should be the case. For every application a developer produces, that's more justification for a user to purchase another sign.

As such, these pages serve to document any information that might be useful to a developer.

This interesting part of the story is that when information about the Pro-Lite sign was posted, it gathered tons of interest. I continually get letters of people who have purchased one or more Pro-Lite signs solely because of the content on these pages.

Pro-Lite saw the advantage, expecially since their tech support could refer people to this web site. Pro-Lite was kind enough to send a sign for experimenting, and as I learned more various applications were posted.

Linux represents a whole new market of intelligent people who want to hook devices to their home machines. As such Linux Journal asked me to do an article on the Pro-Lite PL-2014R; it should be coming out in a couple of months.

During a visit to COSTCO, I put the URL of this page on the price sticker. Some clever stock person moved the signs to home computing a day later, and within a week the entire batch was gone. Previously they sat there for months in the restaurant section. (Now I have to drive to Pentagon City to get my signs... argh.)

The point is, information sells.


If you are a sign vendor, drop me a note at <> and I'll add your name to the list. However, if you have a special promotion or sales offer, I'll be happy to construct a special page announcing it.

Sign Producers

If your company actually makes the signs, please feel free to contact me. I'll carve out time to review your sign, send you feed back, and put together a resource page so that developers can produce applications for your product. I can be reached at <>.

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