Pacesetter Communications - Special Offer

There has been some statement that Pacesetter gives out programming manuals for their signs.

Gives out is incorrect, it costs $150.

Instead they state that the protocol coding is available for custom projects. This is an optional item at an additional cost. Additionally, there is a cost for support as well.

Okay, but here's the good news...

If you call Pacesetter and tell them before the sale that you saw them on Walt's LED page, they will sell you the 67-page manual discounted to $25!

This is an offer for hackers only. So it doesn't includes support, cables, or adapters (but the wiring schematics for the cables/adaptors are in the manual). There's a $5.50 UPS charge within the 48 states.

Like I said, this deal normally sells for $150, including a 50 foot cable, and two adapters (DB9 & DB25 to RJ45), with virtually no reasonable limit on support requests. Without the cable and adaptors, it's $125. So you can see, you're getting a really good deal.

I wish other vendors were as generous.

My understanding is they take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Novus-Discover. Do it. 1-800-588-3209.

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