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Welcome to Walt's LED Sign page.

Originally this page was devoted to my experiments with the Pro-Lite TruColor II sign, however there has been an increasing demand for information for different signs and vendors.

Unfortunately, I can only pass along what I've learned about signs I own, information I've found, information sent to me, or information the vendor or manufacture provides.


IMPORTANT: Some vendors have made their protocols available, however, this does not mean that they offer free support! DO NOT CALL a vendor for support unless you have purchased a support plan from them: this was the major reason AMS was slow to release their protocol to the public. Your adherence to this policy will help further Open Protocols; should you need assistance, look to these pages for assistance from your peers.


  • Pro-Lite maker of the PL-2014R.

  • TallyDisplay, custom signs.

  • TOP Group - Chinese LED manufacturer based in Chengdu, China producing signs ranging from simple scrolling signs up to large tri-color and full color indoor and outdoor LED Displays. They have a software and hardware design team and make all of their own control equipment. This goes well beyond the realm of scrolling LED signs into huge television like quality.

  • DigitalBadges - This is a cool idea: wearable badges. I'm still learning more about these, perhaps enough to warrant its own section.


Be sure to mention to the distributor you saw them on Walt's LED Page. Some have agreed to pass along discounts to site vistors, and the extra exposure helps keep protocol information flowing.
  • Bright Signs — Kerry Schwab <[email protected]>
    3215 Rufe Snow Dr. / Richland Hills, TX 76118 — toll free 1-800-229-5213

    Bright Signs is a distributor for the M-500, M-1000, and M-1500 scrolling LED signs that are super bright and computer controlled.

  • Tek Solutions, LLC — <[email protected]>
    Portland, OR Sales Office — (503) 289-1502 or toll free 877-266-0925
    Milwaukee, WI Sales Office — (414) 353-2181 or toll free 877-370-4319
    Alexandria, VA Sales Office — (703) 922-9573 or toll free 877-551-4689

    Nation-wide distributor offering the full product line of indoor and outdoor Alpha and Beta Brite LED signs from Adaptive Micro Systems. Factory trained sales and support team. Specializing in networked sign applications, industrial solutions, outdoor advertising and ticker tape news, weather and sports. Discounts available for government agencies, corporate, small business, schools, non-profit and other community service organizations. Member of the Better Business Bureau and BBB Online.

  • ENTECH Signs has dual line 4000 series, new and surplus AMS signs; ask for Steve Teas, 972-641-0390

  • Entech-Alpha LED, another AMS distributor.

  • Adaptive Micro Systems produces the Alpha, Beta-Brite, Alphavision signs.

  • Pacesetter Communications - Not only do they sell signs, but they sell manuals containing the protcol (hackers read this). Additionally, they are the only ones I'm aware of that sell tiny signs.

  • PaceCom - Distributor of ALPHA and BETA-BRITE signs. The have some public documentation online, but you have to go hunting for it.

  • Selectric Signs, a distributor for AMS signs. 812-376-3343. Columbus, IN.

  • Grandwell Industries, Inc., a professional LED sign vendor; indoor and outdoor signs of all sizes, colors, and features. 919-557-1221. Holly Springs, NC.

  • Neon Design A-Sign: Custom LED Sign Manufacturer and Distributor of TrueColor and Alpha LED Sign Systems. 1-888-636-6327. Laguna Niguel, CA.

    Special: New, battery powered desktop LED for $199 each. FREE shipping if you mention Walt's LED web pages.

  • Signal-Tech: Manufacturer of LED, Seven Segment, Neon, and Directional signs. 1-877-547-9900 / 814-835-3000.  4985 Pittsburgh Ave.   Erie, PA   16509. <[email protected]> or Brian Veshecco

  • Howard Industries: Manufacturer of Variable Message LED (VMS) and Neon signs. 1-800-458-0591 / 814-833-7000. 6400 Howard Drive.  Fairview, Pennsylvania  16415  <[email protected]> Loren Yadeski

  • Tally Display Corporation custom signs. 1-800-75-TALLY / 845-353-6300 / fax: 845-353-4029. 120 Clinton Avenue, Nyack, NY, 10960-4315. <[email protected]> or <[email protected]> Steve Rose.

  • Asayo
    Single line display of 2", 3", 4", and 6" high characters with custom LED sign software; sign use a serial port but can also be adapted to use ethernet via a kit. An LED Sign Software Development Kit is available to use your own software to drive the signs. International sales available.
    801-815-9265 / Asayo Inc, PO Box 1135 / Pleasant Grove, Utah 86062 USA [email protected]

  • MotionLED Inc.
    LED signs and suction cups, enabling you to send text messages from your car or vehicle. Serial port connection.
    1-800-755-4239 / 533 S. Howard Avenue # 8 / Tampa, FL 33606 USA
Remember to mention this site!
Some vendors offer discounts.


  • CADgrafx has BetaBrites for sale for $185.

If you produce signs and want a free page dedicated to your sign or are a vendor that wants to be listed, please contact <[email protected]>. But, before you do, click here for more information.


  • For manipulating the sign, try the Wrybread Utilities.
  • The ProLite sign now has a CPAN module, making it work from Perl (Unix|Win), allowing the sign to be easily used on computers everywhere!

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