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BetaBright signs are popular contenders, price and feature-wise, to the Pro-Lite PL-2014R. In my opinion, the sign has more features and a higher coolness factor, however my exposure to messing with the sign was limited to about 2 hours total. Certainly not enough time to compile anything substancial.

(The sign was purchased for the intention of hooking it up to a computer. When it was discovered that it cost an additional amount to do so, the sign was returned to the store and a Pro-Lite was purchased instead. This appears to be a common theme.)

It is my hope that things will progress forward and I will be able to produce an extensive set of pages for this sign.

However, I have been informed that the BetaBrite is a mutant cousin of the Alpha signs, and that there is a good possibility that the connector/protocol for an Alpha sign may work with a BetaBrite.

On an astounding note, I was contacted by AMS (via email on 7/26/1999) stating that they had just posted an "open document" online about the BetaBrite protocol. It was a sales document, but it appears that it proves the BetaBrite does us the Alpha protocol. Check out the sales document on their site. (97088097.pdf 226k)

    Alpha Protocol Available -- It would seem our friends in Europe aren't as secretive about the protocol as the American counterparts! Thanks to "The Fox" for pointing me at AMS's web site in Europe where they published 97088061.doc (Word97 251k) for the world to see. Here's the same document in html. Please, grab and distribute far and wide.
You can view AMS's BetaBrite technical specifications at their web site at

Other BetaBright Links (good luck!)

Walt's favorite vendor is:

    Tek Solutions, LLC   <[email protected]>
    Portland, OR Sales Office (503) 289-1502 or toll free 877-266-0925
    Milwaukee, WI Sales Office (414) 353-2181 or toll free 877-370-4319
    Alexandria, VA Sales Office (703) 922-9573 or toll free 877-551-4689

    Get the Alpha Protocol Document (pdf) and view the brochure.

    These folks bundle the BetaBrite Messaging Software and a 25 foot cable/adapter with the displays!

If you are a vendor or manufacture of BetaBright signs and would like to see information posted, please see this information about having a free web page posted.

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