Walt Stoneburner

Software Developer, Photographer, Cartoonist, Humorist ...and More

Walt is a full-stack software developer and agnostic about operating systems, specializing in C/C++, Java/C#, NodeJS, HTML/CSS/JavaScript and bash. Systems software and multi-user experiences hold his attention. He also does DevOps and CloudComputing, this includes AWS.

Walt is a technologist and enjoys gadgets. He reviews commercial products, beta tests software, and serves as a technical editor for various publishers on a numberof topics.

He runs a photography studio, Charismatic Moments, specializing in studio-based beauty portraits and hyper- realism scenes. Current emphasis has been on cosplay and mermaids. You'll see him at local conventions and Meetup Groups.

Walt is a part-time artist, illustrator, and cartoonist. He's authors Napkin Comics and hosts the local ArtKlub.

He enjoys writing humor pieces and coordinating social performances.

Occasionally Walt tutors computer science, programming, photography, and retouching.

He's also interested in stage-craft, performs slight of hand, and performs stage hypnosis.